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Excelerate your safety journey.

Engage smarter.

ReThink Safety Culture Training.

Push thinking and results.

Maximize your return on safety investments.

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Next-Generation Safety Performance.

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Rooted in Safety Ownership: Safety’s Triple-Crown

Go!Safety is the only program that equally focuses on the Mindsets, Behaviors and Systems that will support safer outcomes. Most programs primarily focus on one of these dimensions. Yet, to produce long-term enduring results and reduce the likelihood of SIFs, organizations need to simultaneously act on all three dimensions. GO!Safety incorporates the latest thinking in Human Performance, Behavior Based Safety and Organizational Psychology to deliver meaningful impact.

Anchored in Cutting-Edge Evidence-Based Research

Go!Safety is anchored in the most recent Cutting-Edge research in Safe Production. The underlying Safe Production Leadership Competencies are the underpinnings of the entire system and are integrated into all of the training levels to drive shifts in operational and safety performance.

A Change Journey, NOT Just Training

GO!Safety was designed from the ground up to drive change using our evidence-based Organizational Change Model. We incorporate modular delivery approaches over time, micro-learnings and small group interactions to optimize retention and engagement. Beyond posters and reinforcement tools, our approach is designed to embed habits and behaviors into the organizational system and nudge the adoption of new behaviors.

Connect with Teams and Raise Engagement

Go!Safety is an interactive program that focuses on helping workers and supervisors understand that in the desire to increase work production, safety is not a limiting factor, but a contributing one. Going beyond Safety Training, it improves Quality, Productivity and Continuous Improvement with a focus on integrating the change into the organizational systems and culture.

A Cost Effective Solution

Our delivery model creates a cost-effective approach to safety culture change with less time away from work and more focus placed on embedding change into organizational systems and nudging the creation of new safety habits and behaviors. Less concepts… more results!

Virtual Delivery Possible

Supervisory and Leadership modules can be delivered completely virtually. Our approach isn’t eLearning but small team micro-learnings with team-based coaching to maximize impact.

Why Go!Safety?

The first evidence-based suite that cohesively addresses at all levels to improve Safe Production in a cost-effective manner. A revolutionary, simple, easy to implement Safety Culture training and change program, GO!Safety is designed for leaders that want to improve the overall safety performance of their organization and that believe in embedding a comprehensive skillset that will unlock new levels of discretionary effort within their teams. It extends beyond training and is part of an overall culture change system anchored in the latest research in organizational change and organizational habits.

“Go!safety training exceeded expectations.”

It is very well done – entertaining and flexible to meet our needs.  Very likeable and fun safety training … Thanks!

“Absolutely the best Safety program ever.”

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Excelerate your Safety Journey.

Engage smarter.

ReThink Safety Culture Training.

Push thinking and results.

Maximize your return on safety investments.

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Go! Safety Supervisor

In most organizations, one of the leading gaps to great safety performance resides with their safety supervision skills. This is no surprise as most supervisors are promoted based on their excellent technical abilities and are never provided with safety leadership training.

Yet, most workers look up to their supervisors to influence their actions. Thus, supervisors have one of the greatest impacts on shaping a safe performance culture.

Go! safety Coach

The root of any safety initiative lies in the effectiveness and consistency of Safety Coaching. Yet, most organizations haven’t sufficiently invested in this critical skill, particularly at the supervisory level.

Whether to improve the effectiveness of a Behavioral Observation Program (BBS) or simply to improve overall safety performance, leaders and supervisors need to develop this critical skillset.

Go! safety team

Our GO!Safety program is a revolutionary, simple, easy to implement Safety Culture training and change program that is run in the field, where the work is being done!

Leveraging small team interactions and a comprehensive change journey, GO!Safety increases personal safety ownership, participation, compliance and awareness while enhancing safety decision-making skills.


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